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December 18, 2008

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Photo of the Week

We often get incredible photos sent to us—some credible while others are not. Here are a couple we received last week that are just amazing. What do you guys think?

Image001-1 Image002-1


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Kevin Harris

Wow. Tough break for that buck. I don't see why that can't be possible. Those elusive big boys love to hide out in the standing corn plus gorge on it after daylight dims. My wife's family owned and operated a dairy farm for years, and I have heard some interesting stories about encounters with all kinds of critters while working and harvesting the land. Happy Holidays to everyone!!

John D

Any explanation? It kinda speaks for itself, but wouldn't mind hearing a story.


I saw this one on another site. I think the story is pretty much self-explanitory. I heard the end result was pretty harsh. They ended up cutting his throat.


I saw these last week...KF, didn't I email these pics to you last week? Yea, it looks like it was a decent buck too.




I've seen it happen before.

Guy Sagi

Sort of ends the argument whether we harvest a buck, take it or kill it. Looks like a crop harvest to me.