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May 31, 2007

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When Nature Calls, Anglers Use the “Bassroom”

Matt and Kirk Smith, father and son fishermen from North Texas, think they’ve come up with a product that may prove popular among anglers who find themselves aboard their bass boat and out in nature when, uh, nature calls.

The Sulphur Springs Country World News reports today that the Smiths have designed a portable privy that can be assembled atop a bass boat in two minutes or less.

And its name? The Bassroom, (patent pending), of course!

Father Matt Smith told the newspaper the Bassroom is “environmentally better” than the alternatives (which, we assume includes simply unzipping and peeing in the lake). Bassroom

Matt went on to make another interesting case for his product, citing a growing concern among anglers--especially pros--over liability issues.

“With a growing number of houses around lakes, and with more folks having cameras on their cell phones, exposing oneself to take care of personal business can land one in trouble,” he told the newspaper.

Trouble, indeed.

The Bassroom system includes a domed cover, stool with full toilet seat, and black, zip-up plastic bags for waste. The cover folds so it can be stored into a one-inch-thick by 23-inches-around bag. Plus, the system includes another 18-inches by 21-inches storage bag for the stool.

So far, the Smiths say their product has received an enthusiastic response—especially from the ladies.

“I’ve had some of the lady pros tell me something like this has been needed for a long time,” said Matt.


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My first reaction was to giggle but then I thought about it some. I bring my kids to events and I spend half the time shuffling them to and from the bathrooms. This could be good if you have a couple kids on board. I think I like it.

Carol Boykin

Received a copy of your email regarding the "Bassroom" today.

It gave me a giggle too! Well, sorta. I've been fishin' too long to start worrying about that now.

By the way, I am in the process of moving to Lake Fork from Indiana. Probably within the next two weeks so will be looking forward to meeting you perhaps in the future. I'm an old (for sure!) Texas Outdoor Writer - whose been visiting in Indiana for the past 15 years.