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July 17, 2007

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Candles for California Coyotes?

As a longtime writer and devoted newshound, it never ceases to amaze me how mainstream electronic media and newspapers unapologetically skew their news reports to reflect a specific political or social bias. But readers, here’s a story from California (naturally) that absolutely breaks new ground in environmentally overboard wildlife reporting that’s sure to make you howl in agony.

It seems a couple of urbanized West coast coyotes became especially brazen this past weekend and attacked some leashed dogs being walked by their owner in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.Coyote

Not only were these critters abnormally aggressive while showing no apparent fear of humans, but they also must have had some massive cajones because they targeted two enormous Rhodesian ridgebacks.

Anyhow, on Sunday night agents from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s animal services division found and dispatched what they determined were the two offending wild canines.

Well, in America’s heartland that would have been the end of a non-news story, but not in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The headline in the San Francisco Chronicle looked like it was meant for a serious crime story—perhaps even gang-related.

Two coyotes shot to death in Golden Gate Park,” it read.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. According to the San Jose Mercury News, this wasn’t merely a shooting and killing—it was far, far more serious.

Coyotes spotted in Golden Gate Park executed,” said the South Bay paper’s headline.

And who does the newspaper say was responsible for this ruthless genocide? Why, the government, of course.

“The executions were carried out by the United States Department of Agriculture and took place near the scene of the coyote’s initial attack…” read the Bay City News Service story.

I can only assume that a candlelight vigil attended by hundreds of mourners will be held for the slain coyotes near the location of their death at the hands of agents of the federal government. That is, unless a convicted mass murderer is scheduled to get his ticket punched on San Quentin's death row this week.


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Tom Remington

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!

Black Rifle Addict

Only in Caifornia!!


Thank goodness. I was tired of those things relentlessly pursuing me by painting tunnels on mountainsides, strapping rockets to their feet, and building colossal slingshots to wing boulders at me!

By the way, are we sure they weren't assassinated, rather than executed?


Roadrunner, you're killin' me!!


Please don't put Southern California into the same basket as the knuckleheads in Norther California.

Trust me - we're a different breed in the southern part of the state!

Don Zaidle

Humorous though this is, California has a well established history of coyote attacks against humans--hundreds of incidents, including one death of a child.

Joe Leigh

How do we know if these where not illegal coyotes from south of the border? Simple the goverment did something about the problem so they must have been good old USA born coyotes.

Richard Stottlemyer

It's murder to kill dangerous coycotes but OK to eradicate the elk and deer on Santa Rosa Island in the Channel Islands National Park off California’s coast. That is where the outrage should be!


Maybe this can be used to our (hunters) advantage well use hippies 4 bait and tie dye as camo maybe some grateful dead as a predater call man them coyotes will come a runnin.But remember it is SAN FRAN so watch your butt.


What the He** are these people smokin' out there????
Crazy People!


I'll try to answer some of your questions, but first, this took place in San Fagcisco, not Northern California. Most folks from other than the SF Bay area or Los Angeles keep hoping the big one will soon come and SF and LA will just slide into deep water taking all the queers and Hollyweird types along to become fish food.

Someone asked what's wrong with those people. It's simple, too much butt breeding. As for what they are smoking, anything and lots of it. I would rather see a plague wipe out the queers and whackos in SF so it can be repopulated with real people because it is a beautiful place. The only other choice is to place a bounty on them with no bag limit or closed season. That will clean them out in short order and it would be safe because they don't have guns!