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August 27, 2007

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Illinois Counties Staging Pro-Gun Revolt

Law-abiding gun owners in Illinois have long felt victimized by the political stranglehold that Chicago and Cook County have had when it comes to the passage of some of the nation’s most restrictive firearms laws. Now, the state’s leading gun-rights organization and county boards have combined forces to send a strong message that “down-staters” are tired of being treated like they don’t matter.Map

In recent months, county boards in 29 of Illinois’ 102 counties have signed on to resolutions declaring opposition to the passage of any new statewide gun control laws. Organizers of the movement hope to eventually have at least 70 central and southern Illinois counties on board.

Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, helped initiate the involvement of county boards last year after legislation was introduced to ban so-called assault weapons and place limits on private handgun sales.

“Lawmakers are trying to treat the whole state for a problem they don’t realize isn’t a statewide issue,” Pearson recently told the (Springfield) State Journal-Register. “We don’t have the same problems in central and southern Illinois that they do in Cook County.”

In addition to Pearson, Mark Mountain of the Pike County board and Jim Logsdon of Brown County are spearheading the effort downstate.

If Pike County sounds familiar to some of you outside Illinois, that’s because it has become quite famous in recent years for growing big whitetail deer—and hunting has become one of the region’s most important commodities. In fact, the leasing of rural land for deer hunting is worth around $5 million annually to Pike County.

Those in the pro-gun control camp contend that the resolutions are non-binding proclamations with no legal power and will have no impact on the passage of new firearms restrictions.

But initiative supporters say the movement exhibits the fundamental difference between rural and urban values and could ultimately unite downstate lawmakers.

“When a county signs on, saying, ‘We don’t agree, we don’t want any more legislation, back off,’ it sends a message to representatives and senators,” Mountain said.

Sounds like a worthy effort to me.


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It's about time the Nazi's in Chicago figured out that they don't own the entire state.

Urban violence shouldn't preclude the people of Illinois from owning and using firearms in a lawful manner.

What Chicago's inner city needs is not more gun control but a dose of self control and birth control (not necessarily in that order).


I recently visited Illinois to shoot at the Grand American in Sparta, and I must say that I didn't realize how well we have it in Alabama. To buy ammunition I had to prove that I was there to shoot at the Grand. Otherwise to buy ammo you have to have a hunting liscence. I'm 14 and here in Alabam a lot of stores will let me buy ammo by myself with no proof of anything.


Right you are, alabamahunter. Illinois residents must have a Firearms Owners ID (FOID) card to purchase firearms or ammo. It's somewhat gratifying to see at least they made arrangements for the participants of the Grand American to buy ammo--how accomodating of Illinois! So, what event did you shoot at Sparta? Was it the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) National Trapshooting Championships by chance? Whatever the case, good to hear you were a participant!


I shot in the SCTP singles and handicap.

Will Becker

More power to the gunowners and hunters.The more that stand up to these zealots, the louder voice will be heard.


Like many Pro Second Amendment residents of Illinois, I'm sure Mr. Pearson has made his share of phone calls to county board members asking them to pass this resolution. But I don't believe that Mr. Pearson initiated the movement in any way, shape or form. The true initiators of the movement were Mr. Mountain and Mr. Logsdon. You can check out how it started and follow the progress at www.pro2aresolution.com. Everyone in Illinois needs to get involved in this, it's sweeping the state.


If it wasn't for Cook Co., Illinois would be a red state.


Yup, most of Illinois Counties are red. Red is a nice color...


But there is a noticeable, cancerous, ugly blue color in the vicinity of Chicago.

Brown Co. Illinois resident

I have no argument with people wanting to have legitimate rights, as far as gun possession. My query is this -- is it conductive to the Illinois right to own movement that a particular supporter of this movement was subpoenaed by an Illinois county court, to determine his culpability in the theft of guns?

This man and his wife perjured themselves in court; the inquiry went nowhere, because there are no witnesses to the theft, other than the testimony of the deceased man to his children (he told his children that this couple had the guns and would give them to the children when he died). What's worse, this couple abused the trust of a man dying of cancer. He was a lifelong supporter of gun rights, a hunter and outdoorsman.

This couple possess the deceased man's guns, but cannot legitimately claim to own them, nor can they prove the man who owned them sold them, or gave them to the couple as legitimate gifts (his will gave everything to his two children). This silence on their part speaks for itself.

I can not support Brown County's gun movement because the thief and hypocrite who is part of this movement has no remorse for his crime. This individual is not a true christian nor a true supporter of legitimately owning arms. He deceived a dying man and he continues to deceive his peers.