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December 10, 2007

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Hunter Pays Deerly for Venison

Here’s a tale you may likely see in an upcoming Outdoor Life “This Happened to Me” feature.

Bill Carney was seated inside his camouflage pop-up hunting blind when a large whitetail doe appeared in a hollow about 60 yards away. The 59-year-old Sissonville, West Virginia resident calmly took aim, took a deep breath, and slowly squeezed the trigger on his rifle.


Seconds later, the deer, which had obviously taken a bullet, veered to its left. Carney assumed that in a moment, it would be over.

Up until then, everything seemed to be going according to plan.

That’s when the deer turned again and started running full bore—directly at Carney and his fabric hideout.

At first, he thought the oncoming deer would surely change course before reaching him.

“I thought it was going to go right on by me,” the hunter later told the Charleston Daily Mail newspaper.


But alas, Carney’s earlier good fortune had suddenly taken a sour turn, and the wounded, bloodied deer plowed headlong into the blind--knocking the hunter inside for a loop.

“It hit the blind with such a force, it took the stakes out of the ground,” he said. “There wasn’t a bottom in it, or I’d have gone with her. I was on the ground. She knocked me off the camping chair.”

When he recovered from the collision, Carney found his dead deer—and his blind—down the trail several yards from the point of impact.

Next hunting season, Carney says he’s going after a buck, but he’s going to stay out of harm’s way—in an elevated treestand.

“It felt like an elephant coming through that blind,” he said. “That was the last thing I was expecting.”


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Funny story but come on! Now he's moving to an elevated blind? This is such a once in a life-time event I would never seriously worry about it happening again.


Oh wow - I guess you never know what will happen. Glad the guy made it out okay - maybe he could get the company to replace it (especially if the story hits the newsstand!)