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February 19, 2008

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Hillary Plays the Hunting Card

Does anyone else find it incredibly ironic that just hours before one of her most crucial primary election contests—in one of the biggest whitetail-hunting states in the country—that Sen. Hillary Clinton casually mentioned during a campaign stop that she once shot a duck?

“I know you don’t believe it,” she told an enthusiastic audience at Kenosha’s Brat Stop on Saturday, “but it’s actually true. My father taught me to shoot 100 years ago.

Claiming to appreciate the Second Amendment and the finer aspects of hunting didn’t seem to make much of a difference to the (failed) presidential campaigns of John Kerry, Bill Richardson, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.

The New York Senator, who asserted Saturday that she has shot “a lot of tin cans targets and some skeet,” also spoke about the right of Americans to legally own firearms.


“I think we’ve got to do two things simultaneously. We should be smart enough to figure this out--protect the rights of lawful gun owners, whether it's hunting, collecting, target shooting, whatever the purpose is, it’s a lawful right--period,” Clinton said.

So, is it an indication that Sen. Clinton’s campaign is on the ropes when she proudly proclaims, “I’ve actually gone hunting,” in a state where deer hunting is nothing less than a treasured heritage among its citizens?

The Outdoor Newshound doesn’t recall the former First Lady mentioning anything about blasting greenheads out of the sky during the New York primary election campaign, do you?

Next up—Ohio. Will we see another Clinton in camo?


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Does anyone remember the sudden lapse into "African American Church" lingo she did earlier this fall in some southern church? It was about as insulting and phony as anything you'd find in Hollywood.

Point is, she'll wear whatever clothing it takes to get those votes... which I guess would make her a great duck hunter. She has the art of blending in with her surroundings down cold!


Nice try Billary. Aint bitin no way!!!!


I wouldn't believe this woman about her use of a firearm at any time in her life. She has NEVER supported ANY pro-gun legislation as First Lady or as Senator, and I believe today she'd arrest her own father if she thought it would buy here more votes than it would cost her!

A Democrat in the White House means 4 years of continuous fighting for our rights - we must stop that from happening!

David Ramirez

wow, that's some old school camo president Clinton is wearing. What's new about politicians and trying to get votes. As the time changes it's just fun to see what new ways they'll try.


I'd like to take Hillary Duck hunting that would be a hoot! Not!


I'd like to take Hillary Duck hunting that would be a hoot! Not!


Do you think she would go hunting with Chaney?


I think that the Clinton's should go hunting with Mr.Cheney. I'm sure that'd get our attention. Maybe they'd even buy a license. I wonder if Bill took along any of his "Lewinski" presidential cigars for the trip? I can't find much good to say about an old president that used our countries capital for a house of ill repute. And I'll be even more dumbfounded to think after all that, Hillary is dumb enough to be there with him.
God help the U.S.A.. What we need to be hunting for this season is someone that will be able to run this country. Someone who will regain the worlds respect for our country, no matter who's country we're dealing with. Like the one's that like to keep their womans faces covered. The ones that want their woman home and uneducated. I'm sure those leaders will "listen" to what Hillary says. Please..........
What happened to the good old days? Oh yah,
they're gone.
Ready.........Pulllllll !!!

Douglas Adams

The only time she went hunting, she was hunting for Bill and he was out hunting bimbos.

steve thompson

you can put spots on a white horse and call it a pinto /but its still a white horse ,I don't think HILLARY is going to fool to many sharp listening sportsmen this late in the game .I think it's time for CHARLES HESTON TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT .

Don Sypek

Oh my ache'in you-know-what -- Hillary was both a Nimrodder-ette and a Shootist-ette?!!!
Surely she'll now be sentenced to spend eternity in Dante's Inferno over this Tall Tale 'cause one of those Ten Commandments clearly states: "Thou shall not be a Purveyor of Bull Fecal Material by hoodwinking others with hogwash!"