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February 18, 2008

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Hunter’s Trail Cam Nails Trophy Scumbag

Johnny Sandlin was sick and tired of people breaking into his South Lebanon, Ohio home.

In the past two years, Sandlin has been the victim of at least six burglaries, in which he lost guns, cameras, a computer, a weed eater and even food from his refrigerator to thieving scumbags.

After a break-in occurring in early December, the homeowner decided enough was enough. Sandlin placed the digital trail camera he normally uses for deer scouting in the fork of a maple tree and aimed it toward his driveway at the end of a secluded cul de sac.


And, bingo! His trusty trailcam recorded the image of a lone burglar—his car and its license plate—on two subsequent days.

For Sandlin, the pictures meant as much as if they’d been of a 10-point buck on a salt lick.

He presented the digital photos of the ne’er-do-well to Warren County sheriff’s officials, who in turn arrested and charged the culprit—thanks to the expert evidence provided by the camera.

“This is a perfect example of a homeowner thinking outside the box,” Chief Deputy Larry Sims told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “Mr. Sandlin did his part and our detectives were able to make a case out of the evidence he gathered.”

In the meantime, Sandlin said he’s going to keep his camera strategically placed in that maple tree.

He may have to buy another one for deer scouting.


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I have a similar situation at my hunting cabin in West Virginia, it gets broken into at least once a month. I finally took everything of value out and left the doors and windows unlocked, but some moron still felt the need to shoot two windows out last month.

I have thought about putting up a few trail cams, but all of them I have read about flash in low light conditions. My worry is that whoever is perpetrating these break-ins would shoot the camera.

steve thompson

good thinking MR. SANDLIN , sad fact is the culprit will get a slap on the wrist, sentenced probated ,then if not a complete idiot back to his old tricks at someone elses home . Not everyone is as civilized as you're self .I believe a burgular is an intruder and shuold be dealt with accordingly .6phunter

Chris H.

Gary, check out the Cuddeback no flash trail camera. They are kind of expensive but might be well worth the money as a security camera.