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April 16, 2008

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City Marina Nixes Topless Fishing Charter

Kathi and Harold Coombes, who have been offering bikini and topless fishing charters since January, have been told they may no longer operate out of a Florida city marina.

Dean Kubitschek, manager of the Fort Pierce City Marina, said the business was in violation of its family friendly policy.

“We had no idea this was going on,” Kubitschek told The Palm Beach Post. “I can’t have families running up to me with brochures with nude ladies on them saying, ‘What's this?’ It’s not right.”


The Coombeses insisted that nothing lurid or sexually explicit takes place during the charters, and that the women primarily serve as mates, providing drinks and bait.

“Guys like seeing girls in bikinis rigging baits and setting the hook,” Ms. Coombes said.

Smokin’ ‘Em Charter tours charges $1,250 for eight hours of fishing, with an additional $100 for each woman in a bikini and an additional $150 for each topless woman.

In describing the charter’s clients, Ms. Coombes said, “They’re going to spend more money in a strip club, which isn’t as classy as what we do. It’s just entertainment.”

The Coombeses have since resumed their charter business at a private marina.

As a side note, The Smokin’ ‘Em Charters Web site is now announcing that the service is in need of some additional, uh, mates.

“Some of the girls have not taken so well to all the publicity we have gotten lately. So if you can handle the job and want to make some good money call us today.”

The job requirements?

“No experience needed but you must be HOT in a bikini!”

‘Nuff said.


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Whatever floats your boat!


Bummer... never had the opportunity (or financial wherewithal) to fish with these guys, but they've definitely been the topic of more than one discussion amongst some angling friends.

Seriously, with the number of strip clubs in FL, not to mention the free "entertainment" along South Beach and the Keys, this seems awful lightweight... can't believe the city gave them the thumbs down.