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July 28, 2008

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S. Louisiana Wedding: Here Comes The Dog

When B.J. and Josh LaJaunie were pre-planning their wedding that took place in a tiny chapel in Thibodaux, Louisiana last Saturday, they considered some important qualities they wanted in the flower girl/ring-bearer for the service. They agreed they were looking for loyalty, good behavior and trustfulness—in addition to a close friend of the family.

The choice turned out to be an easy one for the 28-year-old bride and 30-year-old groom.

Remi, a chocolate Lab that has been part of both their lives ever since B.J. presented the female retriever to her duck-hunter boyfriend easily fit all their criteria.


So in Saturday’s joyous ceremony, Remi (which is short for Remington—Josh’s first shotgun) carried their rings in a special lace dog collar matching B.J.’s wedding gown.

The Lab sat obediently as guests filed into the chapel, many greeting her with pats to the head. Then, when her moment in the limelight arrived, she performed her duties as flawlessly as she recovers a downed teal from a South Louisiana bayou.

“I thought Remi was the best flower girl,” bridesmaid Ellen Diedrich told a reporter from the Lafourche Parish Daily Comet newspaper. “I don’t think they could have had a more meaningful ringbearer.”

And, Diedrich added, Remi behaved far better than many flower girls she’s seen at other weddings.

The bride, who said she gave Remi to Josh four years ago to mark the anniversary of their first date, admitted--like many hunting dog owners--they spoil Remi rotten.

“She was supposed to live outside because she’s a hunting dog,” said the bride, while confessing that their “baby” spends a lot of time in the house, and sometimes is allowed to jump on their bed.

No bed-jumping for Remi during the honeymoon, though. Instead, it’s kennel time!


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