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3 Rabbits, One Plate of Catfish

Usually the interns at Outdoor Life aren't that schooled in hunting and fishing. They are aspiring journalism students who want to run the gauntlet of magazine production for a semester. None have disappointed, and most are eager to learn about the outdoors. Two years ago, though, we had an intern who is one of the best young outdoorsmen I've ever met. Will Brantely is his name. Turns out he grew up close to my grandmother in Kentucky, which is where my family spends Christmas. This was great news because he offered to take me hunting whenever I went to visit. It's never that easy, though.

The first year we had a warm spell and spent a full day bird hunting only to bust a pair of quail on our final walk. Last year an epic blizzard hit and I spent the night in my car after I went spinning off the road only a few miles from Will's house. That hunt was a bust. Then there was a bowhunt in the early season where the thermometer topped 95 degrees.

So, this year I expected the worst. We planned on rabbit hunting with another buddy, Jay Stratton. (His dad has 9 of the best beagles I've ever run with.) Orion must have been shining bright in the eastern sky last night, because the hunt went off without a hitch. Several good chases ended with clean shots. And after the hunt it was on to the Catfish Dock for some fried goodness. I'm saving the pelts from the cottontails for a friend in the city who wants to make a hat.

Unfortunately my digital camera isn't functioning properly. Once it does, I'll post some shots of my bounty. Oh, and a couple of pics from the Outdoor Life Christmas party.


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