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Duck Names

I hunted a small duck club in eastern North Carolina today. The forecast said 20 knot winds and overcast. It doesn't get better than that for a waterfowler. Unfortunately, the wind didn't fill in until we were out of time on the impoundments. (The fellas that run the place keep a tight schedule of when certain areas can be hunted. Usually, you have to be off the water by 9:30. (Yes, the hunting is that good, that you should have your limit by then.))

So, during the down time I was fortunate to listen to a true good 'ol boy rattle off all the nicknames he could think of for hooded mergansers. Below is a sampling. Do you have any to add?

1. Hood
2. Hoodie
3. Hood Rat
4. Hair-Do
5. Mohawk
6. Slick
7. Greaser
8. Merg Turd



In Wisconsin where I hunt we call all Mergansers "Scissors Beaks"!

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