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Record Buck Quest

I saw two deer this season. One doe at 400 yards and a small basket-eight that walked a bit too close to the stand. Of course, being trapped in a New York City office, my hunting skills are kept sharp only with occasional visits to my local pub, which has the Big Buck Hunter video game set up in back. Not to mention, my days in a deer stand can be counted on one hand, actually on one finger. But some of you live in the promised land of whitetails and get to hunt everyday. I'm talking about that crescent that starts in Ohio dips into Kentucky and southern Indiana before rising through Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. You fortunate few get to hang real trophies on your wall, instead of inflatable deer heads from a novelty shop. And this year was no exception.

But when big bucks are taken, the rumors start. Maybe you've seen these two? Heck, they're both competing for "centerfold of the year" in the deer hunting world.

The first one is from Wisconsin and supposedly scored 203 typical, though it will have severe deductions for a broken eyeguard. The other is shrouded in mystery. It came from Indiana and was guestimated to score around 220, but deductions will follow. Our buddies at Boone & Crockett keep a close eye on potential records in their Trophy Watch section. Have you heard of other big bruisers killed this season? Let me know.



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