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The NFL and Deer

Cincinnati Bengal receiver Chad Johnson has impressed fans this season with several signature touchdown celebrations. (My favorite is the Riverdance rip-off) During the team's Christmas Eve game he's promising to one-up his past antics with a truly memorable performance. Rumor is, it will involve a deer. Johnson has been spreading a story that he hit a deer recently and only injured it. Ever since he's been nursing it back to health in his garage and training it to be part of his routine. Is he bluffing? Sounds like it, but here's what he told an ESPN reporter:

"You can look forward to the celebration being part of something that has to do with Christmas. It's going to be fun. I might get in trouble, so I might as well let that out now. I might get in trouble for what I'm going to do, but it's worth it."

If anything, the hype for the stunt should increase viewership. I know I'll be watching, and if his antics do involve wildlife you can be sure that we'll have extensive coverage of PETA's angry reaction.


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