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A Cat Killer is on the Loose

And feline owners wonder why the stereotype of a “cat lady” is negative. Well, a woman from a DC suburb found her pet cat, Cody, dead under a tree in her yard, the carcass covered in another animal’s saliva. Tragic, I know. In my family we would get a shoebox, find a decent spot on the property, dig the hole and then head inside for dinner.

Not this woman. Oh no, she’s using the best ‘Law and Order’ crime-fighting tools available to determine what killed her beloved Cody. When animal control refused to aid her quest by declaring a local German Shepherd dangerous on lack of evidence, she called up a California DNA lab.

For a fee of $500, DNA experts compared samples of the dog’s saliva and fur with those found on Cody. The odds that it wasn’t this particular dog were 1 in 67 million. Still, without an eyewitness, local officials couldn’t list the dog as a menace. The cat lady is considering a private lawsuit as a last resort.

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Jeff Drenning

I guess this lady really loved her cat, can't say I would have went that far for a feline. Now a dog, thats a different story.


Oh, yea...I suppose all dogs are worth it...because they can (go)in a box, you can leave home and not worry about them,(like a kid) and if you put food out they will make it last..(one meal)....to bad cats are so dumb...(Oh what about the smart dogs that chase deer...I never seen a cat or cats take down a deer...but I have seen smart dogs do it...and I was just wondering where the smart men were when there dogs.. where out wondering around in the woods...Well, why wonder about this hole thing anyway ..that dog just killed a dumb old CAT

Greg Russell

I’ll tell you this much. However awesome it is to watch a great bird dog work, or even a mediocre on work for that matter, I LOVE my cats. I have two currently. The first one I wound up with, Sam, I found one late night while on my way home from an NRA banquet meeting. It was October, the corn was still in the fields, and as I drove down one of the county roads home, I just caught in the outer edge of the headlights, the image of a small black and white kitten, back arched and ready to fight to his death, squared off against a big raccoon. I stopped and backed the truck up, and both were gone. I called to him, and he meowed once and here he came. Sammie has been with me nearly 5 years now.
The second cat I came to have is Hunter. As my buddy, Harold Greene and I were leaving the deer woods last November, (2004), after dark, Harold stopped me and told me to listen. There it was, the sound of a kitten squalling for all he was worth. We threw our flashlight beams across the picked bean field, and it didn`t take long to find Hunter’s eyes. I went to him and picked him up, and he purred loudly as he began to crawl up my arm to my shoulder and perched there. I told Harold he needed to take this critter home with him. No way did I want another cat, and Sam wouldn`t think much of that. Harold said the wife would kill him, and seriously, had I even had the heart to leave Hunter behind, the coyotes would’ve had him before our taillights were out of sight. I took him home, and found a home for him for almost a year, but now he`s back with Sammie and I. He had a terrible case of ear mites, and is for all purposes deaf, but he seems to do ok. Hunter and Sammie are garage cats. They prowl the area near my house during the warmer months during the day, returning at night to sleep in the garage, safe from the coyotes and other varmints that would love to have fresh house cat for dinner.
Sammie and Hunter will never point birds for me. In fact, Sam gets VERY primal when I`m cleaning birds outdoors. He’ll grab a carcass of a quail or a dove, hiss and growl that deep, guttural growl, as he trots off with his prize, to feast. Sam and Hunter are such great company though. Hunter purrs so hard when I`m loving on him, I’d think it would knock my deer mounts off the wall. Sammie doesn`t purr, never has. He just drools when I love on him. And he and Hunter have become fact friends. Just as the three of us have become.

Greg Russell

That`s FAST friends, since there`s no edit button.

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