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An OL Classic

Buried away in our office is an archive with every issue of Outdoor Life ever published, all the way back to 1898. (You ought to see the covers from the 80s. What a shame most hunters don't sport the plastic mesh trucker hat anymore.) Us overworked staffers get the occasional chance to flip through an old copy and marvel at some of the great adventures penned by equally great authors. Roosevelt, Leopold, Hemingway and O'Connor. And don't forget Charles Elliott. One of his last stories is on the real site right now.


Joe Cornwall

How can one go about getting copies of an article from those past treasures? In specific I'm doing some research and I need an article from the December 1963 and from the June 1965 issues of Outdoor Life. Thanks for any assistance.

Alan Dunagan

When we caught the SIX LEGGED DEER,we told the D.N.R.people that we didn't what any publicity.But they used our names anyway.Now your magazine has told a story of a visious dog attack!This is not true.We have three small rat terriors.They did no harm to this animal.Brad Seymour was misinformed by you,andthinks my dogs should be shot.In my opinion ignorant pencil owners should be fined for writing so irresponsibly.If you want to know the real story ,ask me.Alan Dunagan.

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