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Conservation Officer Crunch

Bp The baby boomers will soon start a massive wave of retirement. They will be leaving behind business casual dress codes, personal computers and other industry revolutions the generation has been a part of in the last 30 years in search of the golf club lifestyle. Of course, they will also be leaving posts as leaders of the conservation effort. A story published by the National Shooting Sports Foundation's Bullet Points bears the ominous news:

"...nearly half of all employees of state conservation agencies, including more than 75 percent of those in leadership positions will retire in the next 10 years."

Now why is this a big deal, you ask? Keep reading padre:

"Unfortunately, many incoming replacements...seem to lack an appreciation of hunting and its historic ties to conservation."

Well, that ain't good. Luckily the Wildlife Management Institute and the McGraw Wildlife Foundation are starting a program at the University of Wisconsin and Penn State to teach non-hunting natural resources students about the links between conservation and hunting.


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