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Deer Rents Movie/Refuses to Pay Late Fee

Similar to the bull in the china shop, a young buck in Indiana dropped into a local video store by crashing through a window. After taking a moment to check out the drama section (Deer Hunter, anyone?) the animal turned and high-tailed it through another window.

While in the store, the deer attempted to charge another shopper who was trying to corral the it out the back door. A policeman reported seeing the deer running down a city street.

And now for the biggest "duh" statement of the article, uttered by a local cop:

"It doesn't happen here every day." Really? That ranks up there with, "No one saw this coming," and, "I didn't know it was loaded."

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Jeff Drenning

I never could get into the "Deer Hunter" movie, I mean, it wasn;t even about deer hunting. That's the whole reason I watched it, I fugred Hollywood had finally tapped into the sportsmans world with something other than fishing movies. Man, was I completely let down.

Jeff Drenning

Sorry for the typos, Im still so let down I just couldnt bring myself to use correct grammar.

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