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Hunting with Chuck Norris

Ted Nugent has positioned himself as the celebrity of choice for hunting. Truth be told, the Nuge couldn't survive five minutes in the wild with Chuck Norris. Old Walker, Texas Ranger would roundhouse kick him in the face before he could whistle the opening to "Cat Scratch Fever." In fact, one website has pointed out a little known fact about Norris's hunting ability:

"Chuck Norris does not hunt because the word hunting implies the probability of failure. Chuck Norris goes killing."

Read some more about Chuck's incredible abilities here.


Jeff Drenning

I'm actually a big Chuck Norris fan, but this is nothing but laughable. I'd take the Nuge any day.


Am I missing something here...Hunting or killing...just what do you call it?....Maybe we or (us so called hunters ) should just call it KILLING...Sounds good..Daddy can hardly wait for Killing season...

Greg Russell

In reference to the article about Chuck Norris-it`s hard to know where your tongue-in-cheek commentary ends and the truth begins. But I`d take Norris over uncle ted every day. Nugent is a weirdo, ranting, rambling, rock star wanna be. Whatever good he could potentially do for the hunting community, he undoes with his silly, unprovoked tirades, like most recently, in American Hunter mag. Norris has substance, uncle ted simply has noise.

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