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This New Trail Cam is Money

Ahshorizontal2 Nothing like a press release for new outdoor toys to get me excited for deer season. This time, trail cams go online. A new product called the Primal Vision IR sends digital images from a trail cam to the Internet via cell signals. The owner is then alerted when new images arrive by email. This takes the legwork out of the scouting equation. Set the camera up and then watch from work as big bucks do their best centerfold poses.

I wonder about the photo sharing capabilities online. If you could set up a profile-based platform like Flickr or SnapFish, then you could have a community of trail cam users that can compare one another's images. It'd be pretty cool to see what kind of deer were strutting around a friend's farm in Iowa, if I'm stuck in New York.

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Jeff Drenning

This is definitely one of the most innovative products I've seen in a long time. It comes with a hefty price tag, but it's undoubtedly worth it to be able to check your mail and see whats going on at your stand site. Man, can it get any better than this? It's gonna be headed my way soon.

Greg Russell

I saw the price tag for this and immediately thought, Holy S*%# Batman. It`s no doubt a great product, but for the average working guy, such as myslf, I can`t, and won`t spend the cost of a nice rifle, or an awesome scope on a trail cam. If I ever hit Powerball, you bet, but as a working stiff, can`t do it.

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