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Oh Canada, What's Wrong with You?

Canadianflag The Canadian government, which likes to ban everything, has taken another step towards making sure no one in their fair land possesses a weapon. The country is enacting a $650 million plan (is that what, $83 U.S.?), which will force firearm owners to register, disable and even surrender some handguns. Read the awful truth here. If they really want to improve the quality of life up there try banning jean jackets.

And now, so as not to discriminate against Canadian Francophones I'll summarize the above paragraph in French:

Qu'une loi stupide, Pierre


Jeff Drenning

Nothing good can stem from this kind of law being implemented. Do they really think that by making certain guns illegal they are unattainable? Tell that to the guys that still buy M-16's, rocket launchers, and pretty much anything else they want. Crack down on the criminals, not the honest gun owner's.

Greg Russell

This has got to be yet another wake up call to the American hunter, target shooter, personal defense /Second Amendment supporters. Australia, the UK, and let’s face it, Canada hasn’t been much on gun right’s in the past anyway, but now they`re bearing down. How can some of our own still not believe it can happen here?
And obviously, many, many of our own think it will never happen here. There are an estimated 60 to 80 million gun owners in the US, but only slightly more than 4 million of us in NRA. It`s unthinkable that everyone who owns firearms wouldn`t be in NRA. There is too much at stake, and the anti`s get more resolve with every election it seems.
Surprisingly, many of our own don`t understand what the Second Amendment is about, and even of those who do, others still seem to be afraid or ashamed to stand up and be counted. I`m beginning to sound like a broken record, but I have been encouraging everyone to read Charlton Heston’s book; “The Courage to Be Free”. It`s an outstanding essay by Heston about challenging the status quo, and crushing political correctness beneath our boots. Great read, and it`s sure to fire you up.

Ryan B.

I agree with Jeff. The leagal gun owners are the only ones that are going to be affected by this law. If you don't think that the gun smugglers are just going to give up, Your crazy! Whats next? The us banning guns that aren't for the military?

Mike Hunter

I thought that Canada voted in a conservative government. And this is the way they thank their conservative voters?

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