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“Brokeback Mountain” and Fishing

Looks like the movie that all outdoorsmen want to talk about, but few will see, is starting to affect the psyche of anglers. Charlie Meyers, an outdoor columnist at the Denver Post, has a funny column up about how the movie has changed the tenor of his fishing trips. Now whenever he goes for an overnighter on the stream his wife gives him a funny look, and it’s not because he forgot to take the garbage out. Give it a read.

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Jeff Drenning

Great article, really speaks the truth about what this movie had done. I haven't seen it, and unless the wife brings it home from the video store I doubt I ever will, but the impact it has had on many people is not to be ignored. Personally, I think it's pure junk.....it's merely feeding off of Hollywood's (and apparently society as well) fascination with homosexuality. Like Meyers stated in the article, "Brokeback Mountain" is slated to dominate the Oscars in a few weeks.....all the while a worthy movie is setting back receiving only a few Oscar nods--"Walk the Line". Thanks Johnny Cash, for a little bit of sanity in the crazy times we are living in.


The wife and I went to see the movie a couple of weeks ago, and I actually thought the movie did a good job of bringing one issue to light. It showed how forcing these individuals to confirm to our societal ideals not only ruins their lives, but also the lives of the women and children that are all too often caught up in the deception.

Anyhow, I have to admit that I have since had second thoughts about going on any overnight river trips with my fishing buddies. Here where I live, some drunk yahoo might get the wrong idea and start shooting.

Micheal May

I haven't seen the movie nor do I plan to, the subject matter doesn't interest me. Fornately for me my fishing and camping partner is my wife. I see this movie more of a way for Hollywood's left wing propaganda to put negative attention on outdoorsmen who like to hunt and fish. I'm sure PETA gave the movie a big thumbs up.


Well, one things for sure, male bonding will never be the same!
Life long friendships that used to forged in the hunting woods, battle field, sporting arena and other heated and hard line activities will forever be over shadowed by the question, "are they gay"?
Male friendships are on the way to becoming a thing of the past due to a stigma that is being forced by hollywood and the gay agenda.
Men need men, as friends they can count on when the going gets rough, when it is time to get down and dirty. Now, even Abraham Lincoln has befallen the gay hype. Man, when will it stop! I love my huntin' buddies, my good friends that have been there through trials in my life and supported me, but I never fantasized about them in the buff! Male friendships are now on the "damaged goods, 80% off" rack!

Ronald Hobbs

I guess i am in the older days of life,The sexual preferences of life were some thing that only you and your wife talked about. Now every radio and t.v. station you see or here about it. The stuff about being gay, showing two males kissing or in bed together is talking about sex makes me sick!. The media,t.v.etc: It is on every sitcom you turn to. When is enough? They seem to make a joke of it all. I have hunting buddies that are a little strange, but we except them as they are and go on with our lives. They sure wouldn"t hold hands and kiss in my camp. I hardly ever get a good fishing show here on my t.v., but i sure can get alot of shows full of what the gays do or who is gay and on, and on, and on. When is enough??? RON


Who knew that the #1 oppressed group in American was white male heterosexual hunters? Oh boo hoo.


What did Mel Gibson direct it?
Hollywood is really ruining the outdoor experiance.

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