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Cheney Hunting Accident: The Aftermath

Cheney By now you've seen the reports on TV, you've heard the jokes from late-night comedians and you've probably watched reporters pretend like they know guns (some are confusing buck shot with bird shot). Though the real story involves the importance of hunter safety, as well as the condition of the victim, it seems that the news cycle is revolving around administration haters taking cheap shots at Cheney.

So, how is Harry Whittington doing? Not well. Today he suffered a minor heart attack when a piece of shot moved into his heart. Though it's been difficult to get a straight story with all the details of the shooting, it appears that Whittington was hit hard at 30 yards. Several pellets were lodged in his face and upper body. At the moment Whittington is in intensive care and expected to be in the hospital for up to seven days. Cheney was, of course, cleared of any charges of malicious intent, though he was found to be hunting without the proper bird stamps.

Hanback's Opinion

Our whitetail guru, Michael Hanback, offers his analysis of the incident and the media's handling of it on his blog, the Big Buck Zone. Take a look.

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