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Gun Laws: One Town Loosens the Noose

Gun control sometimes seems like a never-ending tornado. Second amendment enthusiasts have been trying to protect their rights for decades, and yet with each election or each referendum, there is resistance from the anti-firearm community. That is, until gun owners stumbled upon an unlikely superhero: Cabela’s.

In Hoffman Springs, Ill., a Chicago suburb, local officials voted unanimously to repeal antiquated firearm laws with the arrival of outdoor mega-store Cabela’s. Prior to voting, the old laws required all gun stores to report sales to the police department within 24 hours. Buyers also had to apply for a permit prior to purchasing a weapon. Now, dealers and shoppers will fall under the jurisdiction of the Illinois law.

It’s good to see that a town understands the benefits of having a community of outdoor enthusiasts (and the tax revenue that Cabela’s will bring), but why did it take a store opening to overhaul restrictive gun laws? Thoughts?

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Illinois ia a joke. I tried to visit a gun shop in Glenwood, IL and could not enter the "gun room" without a state issued permit to do so. What a crock. Please come to georgia and browse in any sporting store anytime, without any bother.

it is all about the money

Greg Russell

I`ve never experienced it myself, but I`ve heard that in the great communist state of illinois, they do not like firearms. And the demoncrats are touting a new, young, senator that they believe will soon be a major player in the national arena. Yes, demoncrats. That same wonderful party who brought you teddy the saint-he can walk on water, and slick willie-I did not have sexual relations with that woman....
It`s ironic that illinois has such renowned deer hunting and the state can make allowances for firearms to get that income, but not for their citizens to defend themselves. Could we get all the liberal, gun hating lefties in the country to move to illinois so the remaining states can pass good, common sense laws that we all know should exist everywhere?

"its all about the money" ... stop beeing a cheap ass, its only $5 for an illinois permit and its good for 5 years

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