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Guns for Tickets, Philly-Style

You know your town might have a crime problem when the local NBA franchise, in this case the Philadelphia 76ers, unveils a program to swap firearms for pairs of basketball tickets. The operation began Wednesday and will run for one week. Keeping in line with other gun swaps, this is a “no-questions-asked” trade. Police are only looking to get weapons off the street, not pursue criminal investigations.

This is nothing new, precincts throughout the country still rely on these programs, if anything, as a publicity stunt. Gun-rights activists should be especially wary of Philadelphia’s latest effort because Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson told reporters he would be “happy if law-abiding citizens turned in their firearms, too.”

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Joseph A Nagy Jr



it figures......black mayor decides he is going to save his people.....i bet per capita wyoming has more guns than philadelphia...why no outcry there?
all the more reason to not live in the "17 metropolitan statistical reporting areas" that we call 'big cities' here in the good ole USA. Im in one...FOR NOW.

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