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Illinois’s Assault Weapon Problem

Just recently, a small town near Chicago voted to repeal arduous gun laws in the build-up to a new Cabela’s store opening in the area. Now, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and Chicago Mayor Richard Daly want to undo it all. They have endorsed a bill in the state house that closely resembles the recently expired federal assault weapons ban. Without citing any facts (maybe because they don’t exist?) or giving a logical argument, the pair is trying to deliver a major blow to lawful gun owners. The language of the bill calls for an end to sales of “semiautomatic assault weapons,” .50 caliber rifles and ammunition, magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and so-called “assault weapon attachments.”

The Illinois State Rifle Association has joined with gun makers in taking a very public stand against the legislation.


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Greg Russell

I`ve made a real nuisance of myself with the Indianapolis Star and as many of the local Television news channels I hear reports on. They throw around the term, “Assault Weapon”, and I`ve challenged them as to what exactly that phrase means? What characteristics make a rifle an “Assault Rifle”?
I`ve explained that a real assault weapon is a military issue weapon that fires in full auto or 3-round bursts, and that while the AR-15 may “look” like an M-16, functionally, it`s no different than the coyote hunters semi-auto rifle. The news stations I`ve talked to have been very obstinate, and I don`t think I`m getting thru to them. The Indianapolis Star has never printed my letters to the editor complaining about the generic use of the “Assault Rifle” phrase, but I did notice in an article many weeks ago, that they did use the phrase “Military Style” weapon. It isn`t much of a concession, but maybe it`s a start.
The whole point being, we have got to make the time, find the energy, to speak up about the half-truths and misinformation we hear, because the non-gun owning public doesn`t know when the media is misleading them. If they are presented with facts, they usually land on our side, and that`s exactly why the media deals in the misinformation they do.
I wrote one letter to the editor of the Star when they wrote a small column about police raiding the house of a man they had locked up for suspicion of being involved in a missing person’s case. All the article said was, police had raided the home of the suspect and removed a cache of weapons and several hundred rounds of ammunition. I asked them why the story had any merit to be printed. There was no accusation that any of the weapons had anything to do with the missing person, and so, how was this story newsworthy? Just to be a pain, I also asked exactly how many weapons are required before it`s a cache?
Make no mistake about it: they want our guns, and if we ever lose them, it may well be that at least part of the blame will rest with us. We have got to educate the general public and demand that our news providers take responsibility to research their stories and know they are presenting facts. Lastly, Join and be active in NRA. There are an estimated 60 to 80 million gun owners in the US. Sadly, there are only slightly more than 4 million of us in NRA.

Greg Russell

As I`ve read this story again, I just have to ask-even if the media won`t stop, can`t WE stop calling AR`s and AK`s assault weapons. We know they`re not, but even we do it, and I know it`s as much habit as anything, but it`s still wrong.


Want to read a mis-informed diatribe against "assault weapons"? Go no further than your OWN DAMNNED WEB SITE and read the drivel posted by Zumbo.


I can't believe that a publication that claims to support gun rights would allow such drivel to be printed.

Two-faced hypocricy. Plain and simple. Zumbo's days at your magazine should be over.


Total agreement with Cliff. Remington has stepped up to the plate and severed all ties with the anti-gun Zumbo and your readership demands OL do the same. The Brady Campaign has already used his thoughtless rants to separate gun owners and further their efforts to end all gun ownership. I can't believe this guy has alluded that an AR type weapon is toted by "terrorists". I toted one for 2 years serving this country, and Jim Zumbo has lumped me into that category. Hard to believe at this year's SHOT show, I got a case of star envy when I saw Zumbo. I even wrote an essay for his contest for soldiers.

The bottom line is that Zumbo has single-handedly dealt a great hand to the Brady bunch and others like them. He has reduced law-abiding, honest gun owners to "terrorists" and used his popularity as a vehicle to reveal his real interests- gun control and furthering mindless restrictions on ownership and usage.

Consider my subscription cancelled unless OL fires Jim Zumbo.

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