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More on the Cheney Affair

In case you didn't read the comments on Todd Smith's recent post "OL Editor Responds to Quail-Gate," take a look. Today, Smith replies to specific points made by Ron.

Ron, et al.—

Thanks for weighing in on Cheney.

No, I wasn’t commenting on Mr. Cheney’s wealth, rather that the man has been hounded for nearly two weeks over this whole incident, which is still being dissected by the media.

In regards to getting the facts straight, an article by Steve Tuttle in this week’s edition of Newsweek speaks directly to the fact that reporters, particularly in the initial coverage of this story, really made some bogus errors.

In speaking with my contacts at the National Shooting Sports Foundation last week, I was told that they have fielded hundreds of phone calls from reporters wanting technical information surrounding this story. Not surprisingly, none of them have devoted any ink or airtime to speaking to the positive aspects of hunting, which is happily pursued by some 20-million Americans.

Your comment about a celebrity coming in the door and the facts fleeing out the back is right on. America has always been infatuated with the lives of public figures (particularly when they stumble). This is just another example.

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