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SHOT Show—Remington Gun Review

Prior to the opening of the SHOT Show, manufacturers give us the chance to test some of the new firearms, optics and ammo that are being introduced this coming year. As you can imagine, it’s hard not to have fun with a bunch of new firearms and nearly endless supply of ammo at your disposal for a day. A rough job, but someone needs to do it, no? First up, John Snow (OL’s gear editor) reviews Remington’s new shotgun, the 105 CTi. There’s a lot of buzz at the show about this gun.

Remington 105 CTi

by John Snow

Remington’s new shotgun, the 105 CTi, is a sleek, very handy new autoloader that doesn’t weigh much and has, especially for it’s light weight, very little felt recoil. We’re slated to give the 105 CTi a thorough review during our annual gun test—which will take place near Shooting Editor Jim Carmichel’s Tennessee home in a few weeks—so I won’t go into great length here, but I have no doubt that avid shotgunners will be interested to learn about this new gun.

Here are some of the quick details: it is a bottom feed/bottom eject design, a first in an autoloading shotgun. This will be great for left-handed shooters (no empty hulls flying across your line vision during ejection) and for gunning in close quarters (no more beaning your duck hunting buddies with empties in the blind). The receiver is made from titanium (another first on a shotgun) that has been skeletonized on either side. In place of that metal Remington has put carbon-fiber inserts, which along with other weight-reducing features (like a carbon fiber rib) help the 105 CTi tip the scales at a well-balanced 7 pounds in a 12-gauge, 3-inch chambering.

Of course the trade off with light weight is greater felt recoil. But this Remington is very soft shooting. Its thick recoil pad absorbs a good deal of kick but that’s only part of the story. The link that hangs off the back of the bolt assembly and goes into the stock—essentially a metal connecting rod a few inches long—runs through an oil-filled piston, which is housed in the stock. That piston acts as a dampener that helps control the backward velocity of the bolt as it cycles. It also soaks up a good deal of recoil. The cool thing about this design, which is similar to what the military uses to dampen the recoil on field artillery pieces, is that it helps regulate the speed of the bolt. Hard-kicking loads that want to push the bolt back at a higher speed encounter more resistance from the piston than light loads. By moderating the speed of the bolt the shotgun is basically self-tuning, which in theory should make it more reliable when it comes to cycling a wide range of shotgun loads. Pretty slick.

Another slick feature is how the shotgun is loaded. As you run your first shell into the gun the action automatically sucks it out of your hand and chambers it. Very neat. Subsequent shells go into the magazine the regular way.

At the range the 105 CTi swung and shot well. About the only complaint I have is with how sticky the recoil pad is. It tended to hang up pretty severely on my shirt making the gun mount a bit more difficult. It is nothing that some electrical tape wouldn’t fix, but that’s not something you should have to do with a $1,300 shotgun. But that’s a pretty minor point for an otherwise innovative and nice looking shotgun.

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Jessica Rabbit

Yup yup yup. But even so. Nothing beats the solid body of a Remington OM 13 CE.
Now if I ain't right, just slap me on the back and call me hickory-doodaa.

kris wittlieff

I REALLY WISH the stupid irritating little pop-ups that are now occuring on your web news letter would STOP!!!!!!!

Greg DeFehr

Has the annual gun tests on the 105 CTi occurred yet. If so I am very interested in the review. I have read many reviews about this shotgun, most have read like the tag line of the company, yours did not. I would be very interested in reading your review. Thank you.

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