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SHOT Show—Theft Deterrent


SHOT Show never disappoints with strange displays. This morning the buzz in our pressroom was about a security system called the Smokecloak. It supplements normal burglar systems by, get this, filling a room up with fog. No joke. Within a few seconds of being triggered, the machine will cause a white out. That, or it will make your house look like a Kiss concert. (Maybe that's a double feature the company should pitch: home safety and afterwards throw a killer party.) The idea is that the burglar won't be able to go anywhere in the white-out conditions, giving time for the cops to arrive. Problem is, how can the cops find the thief? Whatever, this video explanation is good for a laugh. 


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Mike Huddleston

I saw this demo. It was unbelievable the smoke is so thick and fast it will deffinetedly work

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