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Hunting Controversy: Canada's Seal Season

HarpsealSaturday marks the opening day for one of the world’s most controversial hunting seasons, the month-long harp seal season. The usual celebrities, including Sir Paul McCartney, have voiced their disgust at what they call a barbaric industry since clubs are sometimes used to off the cute little guys. Batter up.

Granted, clubbing a seal is not an attractive pastime to most, the pelt industry is a major economic engine for Canada’s maritime provinces. This year’s quota is nearly 425,000 pups, a relatively low number given the total population is around 6 million.

If given a bat and a free reign of ice floes, would you participate in a seal hunt?


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Why not make your vacation pay for itself? Those pelts fetch a pretty penny.

Greg Russell

Come on people-this is barbaric. Explain to me how this is any different than the story about the teens busted for illegal “hunting” we all condemned? They were clubbing their “game” to death, and no one hesitated to come down on them-and rightfully so.

It`s understandable that we don`t want to aid the animal “rights” kooks, but when something’s wrong, it`s wrong, and this falls into that category.

J Crays Jr.

Save a seal--- club Paul McCartney!


How about closing the seal season and opening an "Iraqi insurgent clubing season"

lynn madsen

Please tell me if this is any more barbaric than the penned hunting were success rate is99% only reason its not 100 % is because the antlers aren't big enough. Fair chase my ass. lynn

R Paul

Animals suffer enough at our hands. If they must die for our needs it can be done humanely. Can you imagine a bat cracking on your head over and over? The pain would be tortourous. We don't have to do this to any animal, why would you condone it?

Jim Crays Jr.

since they have a quota of how many can be taken and they gotta have some kind of idea how much each pelt would be worth, why not people like Pamela Anderson and everybody else against it, pony up the money that the people would make by harvesting the seals and pay them off to leave the seals alone??


to those who call it barbaric....
ever hit a living thing with a bat?
I have and it dies instantly.
Quite a bit more effective than a shotgun or rifle...here in ohio, the dnr estimates 15 % of all deer alive at the beginning of gun week become cripples. so watch what you call barbaric. better a brain numbing shot to the noggin than a .308 round in the paunch....

comparing this legal hunting to anything else is stupid. if two kids were poaching, then they deserve to be punished.
this is a legal means of hunting, and although it turns the stomachs of some, it is still a legal form of hunting.

time for you to order up a Linda McCartney Veggie Burger.

Danny Burton

Have you ever seen how a seal dies in the wild? It gets torn apart by a huge ass killer whale. I don't think a bat over the head would be so bad.
If you have the balls to go out on the ice with nothing but a bat and try to kill a seal good luck and happy hunting.

Greg Russell

REALLY scary, some of the types who want to associate themselves with us, and be known as hunters. You ain`t anyone I`d have in my camp, because when somethings wrong, it`s just plain wrong-as well as barbaric.
And I`ll submit that legal doesn`t necessarily mean ethical, and in this case even compassionate.
You fellas don`t speak for me at all, and I`ll make sure everyone I deal with understands that.
And stupid? Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe we can talk outside of this forum.

Morgan Marsters

Why can't those who don't know what they are talking about leave alone with our heritage and history. Also, to shed some light, did you know that something like 90% of the seals this year were shot?

What do you want to bet that Sir Paul McCartney has worn a fur coat in his life?

Just keep your noses out of our buisness and let us do what our fathers, grandfathers and so on did.

Brad Martin

What people also are forgetting is that these seals also eat the fish that many of the people in northern Canada depend on to make a living.


some folks dont have the stomach for certain kinds of hunting........

those folks should sit out next year's deer season unless Cap' Kirk's phasers go on sale at Cabelas...only then would there be no guarantee of ANY suffering.

PS...Ill let you in on a secret....I think some folks lurking here are certified Birkenstock wearing, hemp smoking, VW Mini Bus driving PETA members trying to infiltrate our ranks.
And the internet challenge to arms is way over the top! "wooh-hooo!" to you on that one. Thats great stuff. Did you just get your pc yesterday? Idiot.

Greg Russell

You`re a pretty tough guy lewis. With all your childish chatter, you`d never know you`re like what? 15? The challenge wasn`t for you of course, since I wouldn`t want to be in trouble with the law for child abuse, althought your parents really should deal with you sooner or later.
Those of us who won`t torture animals to death, and prefer to make the most humane kill possible, aren`t bothered by those such as yourself, who, apparently, enjoy inflicting as much pain as possible, and to hell with a clean kill, eh?
The only thing more brutal than clubbing animals to death is having to listen to your childish drivel.

Philip Brown

Some years ago, when the seal hunt first became controversial, Canada conducted a study into the safest and most humane way to kill the seal pups. Clubbing turned out to be the best way to do it. Even the animal welfare kooks could not devise a better method, hence their total opposition.

The only reason not to conduct the seal kill would be if it was not sustainable ecologically. Given the large and apparently stable seal population - "game over".

In regard to Sir Paul et al chalk their behaviour up to an excessive use of 'mind-altering' substances.


thats good.
Ill take it as a compliment since Im a bit over 40.

hunter & trapper here....when I get a 'yote in a snare alive it takes but one blow to ensure a clean , humane kill.

Since Im sure all of your outdoor experiences come and go with the beginning and end of whitetail gun season, Im sure you dont know of such things.


Greg Russell

lewis-last time I`ll even humor you with a response, but no, I`ve been hunting for quite some time now, as I near my 49th birthday late in April. So, you prove, yet one more time, that you speak before you have any idea of what the heck you`re even talking about. But, anyway, I`ve nothing to prove to you, you`ve already let anyone reading this know, just as I have, what kind of man, and hunter you are.

I respect the game too much to torture them to death, I believe a quick, and humane, (as possible), death is the least we can do. You apparently care only for you and your wants. But again, you`ve made quite clear what kind of a hunter, and a man you are. Your attitude is a black eye for ethical hunters everywhere.

torture? where did you get that?
a quick rap to the occipital region of the head is as swift as any bullet.
give me a break.

seems youve been opening the PETA junk mail youve been getting ever since they cashed that check you sent them......

boy are you soft.

like I said, fair weather, two week a year outdoorsman with no stomach for the reality of nature. I know your type....fancy atv, spiffy camo just like the stuff in cabela's wish book, big pick-em up truck with the latest gadgets and gizmos. but with no real stomach for it......guys like you wind up in the shoneys parking lot at the first hint of rain.

i bet the last thing you shot at was a cyber buck on an arcade game at the local strip mall. good for you too, as Im sure he didnt 'suffer.'


Greg Russell

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. You`re a riot. And even once again, talking about things you know NOTHING about.
Like I said before, you go ahead and keep doing what you do the way you do it, and me and the guys like me will keep trying to make up for guys like you. The "reality of nature", (read that to say gruesome, painful death for the animal), that you enjoy so much is what guys like me minimize for the animal as much as we possibly can. We respect the game too much for that other stuff.
And don`t have the stomach for brutality? Ha, I`ve been listening to your drivel, so I think I`m up to anything. You do what you like though, just next season when you`re at the gun shop the night before opening day of firearms season, getting your scope mounted and bore sighted, give some thought to how you carry yourself. It`s the least you can do


gun season?
bore sighted?

Im done by then pal. time to get traps ready while the shiny pick-em up crowd is roarin' about the land on their shiny Kawasaki 1000cc ATV (that would be you).

stick and string for me , pal : )
im just not a big fan of all that noise!

just what i thought, Wal_Mart outdoorsman who walks around with a big honkin' 300 win mag to kill the first 75 pound doe he sees (makes for easy draggin' behind the ole' ATV).
im just glad that you dont wait until the night before to sight it in.
good for you.....now go back to your sanitary video game and let me know how you do ; )


PS, Greg.....

ive got a 6x5 elk that dines with us every evening that will testify to the torture that I inflicted upon him with my recurve bow....send him an email and he'll get back with you asap!

have a great day, softy.

Greg Russell

Have you ever heard, Lewis, that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? No, didn`t think so. I doubt your mouth ever stops moving long enough to hear what someone else might be saying.

Good luck to ya, and here`s hoping that you trip over your big bottom lip and fall head first into one of your traps. In that event, I might have to believe coyotes could be good for something after all.

Ta-ta loser.


why dont you squat and piss in a bottle for me and I can use it as coyote bitch lure for my landsets, softy.


The bespectacled Corporal Upham (Saving Private Ryan) had bigger stones than our friend Greg.......


I think the seal hunting and their tactics are fine, thats one of the ways the canadians make an honest living, paul mcartney is stupid

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