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Gun Makers Threaten to Leave Illinois

We reported last week on a bill introduced in Illinois that would ban certain types of assault weapons and cosmetic features on firearms. The initial reaction from the gun industry was strong, but on news of the measure’s approval in a House panel, gun makers ratcheted their threats up a level.

If the bill becomes law, the firearm manufactures say, they will pack up shop and leave the state. Along with their departure at least 750 jobs would be eliminated. Springfield Armory and ArmaLite are both headquartered in Illinois.

Congressmen from both parties have pledged support, but the future vote is still uncertain. It will be interesting to see if the threat to take business elsewhere is able to curb this anti-gun legislation.


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Albert Sand

I only have one thing,I would like to say that it is ludicris and rediculous to take away something that is so enjoyable and provides a means of support to families who rely on there JOBS


Here we go again, the gun grabbers trying to force their views on the rest of society. I tell ya what, if Illionos runs off their gun manufacturers by passing these insane gun control laws, we in TX will welcome the gun businesses with open arms. Come on out to the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo, or the Texas South Plains, Lubbock. We will welcome the gun manufactuers with open arms. So Illinois go ahead and pass you Hilter type gun grabbing laws, we will welcome gun prodcution in TX, and we do not place insane laws on the citizens of our state as long as they are not felons.

Bill Martin

I just hope that the threat by gun manufacturers to leave Illinois is not just empty rhetoric and sabre rattling. If they make the threat, they must be ready to follow through. Such an action is absolutely appropriate and there are many states that are more gun friendly and would be more than glad to have the gun manufacturers from Illinois relocate to their states. The loss of jobs is regretable for those who lose them and will make them more vocal when it comes time to vote in the next election. Irate constituants and loss of monitary support tend to get the attention of law makers.

If the gun manufacturers of Illinois do decide to move, Indiana is close, we're gun friendly and we'd welcome them with open arms. We're also close enough that some of those who stand to loose jobs could come along with their company. Indiana is always looking for a few good folks.

Guy Miller

Springfield and all. Come to Noth Carolina. There are plenty of Americans that live down here and you (and your jobs) will be welcome here.

Martin Matus

I would love to see them pass a campaign reform bill at the same time that dis-allows all contributions. Just debates and run on your record style government. That will never happen in Illinois. No person would posssibly take a job as they do without the hope of keeping left over campaign money and having life long health care and a pension to take with them when they leave.

James Burns

I live in Illinois and the jokers that run this state all come from the Chicago area. They are and always have been out of touch with the rest of the state. It's always been what Chicago wants and to hell with the rest of us. To them, Illinois stops at Springfield. There is no southern Illinois. We are trying to stop these stupid laws and on the outside chance they do pass, I hope the gun makers make good on their threat to leave. Remember that any weapon is an "assault" weapon.


Why do any civilians need assault weapons for personal use anyway?
I am a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment, but there is no practical use for assault weapons in civilian life, so why do we (Americans) think we need them? It just completely baffles me!
I'm only posting my point of view, not looking for any hate mail and NO, I am NOT a Communist!

R. Collier

Pat, this is not hate mail, but what we need and what we want should not be decided by anyone else, especially our government! Who NEEDS a Hummer or a Corvette? As long as they are used legally by law-abiding citizens, it should be of no concern to anyone. Who decides what an "assault weapon" is anyway? I have lots of tools in my garage that could be used as "assault weapons". Don't tell me what is best for me! If you can't see that, you may BECOME a communist! Back to the original subject, what James says is the problem nowadays...us "sensible" people have to stand up and quit letting the minority groups run over us. That's why we have to speak out and VOTE. Keep up the fight James!


I’ve taken a quick look at your postings, which are very interesting. Lots of material and ideas! Congrats on being so focused!


This trash mag. has the balls to talk about gun rights?


I say a to any "gun rights" person or group, that won't surport Semi-auto owner, Your choice.

Your not here for US, we're not here for you.

The same goes for Outdoor life. Zumbo is your pal, fine.

Your no friend of ours.


James - Take a look at what is called an "assault rifle." Mainly we're talking about the M1A, AR-15, and M1 Garand. These are all semi-auto only guns which happen to be built to survive on the battlefield and hold more ammo than the usual hunting gun. No full auto guns here and they are all good target and hunting guns. By this description both the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle and the Ruger 10/22 are also assault weapons. My old Remington Nylon 66 .22 would also qualify. There is a big push to also include semi-auto and pump shotguns. Some analysts claim that they are already covered in the currently proposed assault weapons ban in Washington. Check the NRA website if you doubt this.

Jim Zumbo's unfortunate words have been a HUGE boon to gun control types. The Brady Center posted his words within hours. It's not just the military gun owners that have to be concerned - many hunting guns can be covered by a loose interpretation of "assault weapon." Frankly, I can think of nothing more terrifying than a 12ga. semi-auto loaded with buckshot.

There's more. Sarah Brady wants to ban the bolt action, scoped "sniper rifles" that you use for deer hunting. So James, please don't think that the gun grabbers will stop with the military guns. Yours are next. You MAY already be an assault weapon owner. All gun owners need to stand against gun bans of any stripe or we will all lose.

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