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How to Solve the Carp Problem

CarpThe poisson du jour at your local Illinois prison could soon be Asian carp. State officials are looking at the feasibility of adding the nuisance fish to dinner menus. And if prisoners don’t get enough carp at mealtime, they could find themselves knee deep in fish carcasses. Another possibility being explored is using prisons to process carp.

Lawmakers, conservationists, biologists and anglers are all scrambling to address the rapidly increasing population of Asian carp in the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. Recently a $9.1 million underwater electrical barrier was set up to prevent the fish from moving into the Great Lakes.

Which would you dread more if you were in prison: the showers or endless meals of Asian carp? 


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Greg Russell

I think I heard that carp were actually brought over by Europeans, because this fish is/was considered a fine eating fish.

In fact, many, many years ago, Outdoor Life had a story about a carp tournament that was held just like a bass tournament and they cleaned and ate the fish afterwards. They claimed it was good stuff.

Hope I don't go to prison there! I'd rather stick to the mac and cheese and corn dogs.


Dropping the soap or the carp?
I'll have my fish baked, poached, fried, grilled, raw, wriggling.... please

Seems like a good program to me. They edible and prison labor is always a good things.

Robin Rhyne

Why not export them to Europe, like we do with horsemeat?

John Charles Magdych

I work a lot in Asia. I have had carp fixed many ways. And truthfully it is delicous. I don't care for the many bones, but a lot of the ways it is fixed in Asia, the bones are not a problem. And some of the new species of carp they are developing do not have the multiple bones, mud veins, the meat is lighter colored almost white, with a texture a little more solid. My asian friends cannot believe we do not like carp. In fish stores the bass,trout, catfish, ect., are actually cheaper to purchase.

Tom Matych

Guys, i cant believe what i'm hearing, i grew up eating Brook trout and Walleye, i aint eatin no carp! i hope you understand the Asian Carp are swimming death to a fishery! i've been to Illinois seen this, by making the Asian Carp worth money they will become protected, that means they will wind up in lake Michigan and we will never pin them down, the plan is called long term, management, there is no logical reason to keep them alive! Tom Matych

Pat Waite

I believe the solution to the Asia Carp is to put a small bounty on them much the same as we do for for other preditors of the wild. Even if the bounty were $1.00 each, it would incourage lots of fisherman to go after them. I'm certain that the DNR & USFW could find a small market for the fish and maybe even turn a profit by it.
It's not a matter of the fish being edible, it's a matter of getting them out of our fishery. They could be used as feed and nutrients for farming as well as a number of other simple uses. Not to mention what medical uses might be found for the remains of the fish.
There is much we can do and at little cost, if we put the effort into it.

Fishing rocks

Carp really suck we lakes filled with them and that makes fishing for other fish hard. I have never ate carp before but i heard if you cook it right it is good. I wish i new how to stop carp from coming it to are lakes but it is going to be impossible to keep them out.


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