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Hunting License Hike

In Pennsylvania, new legislation could force hunters to pay $10–15 more for an adult hunting license. Rep. Bruce Smith, chairman of the House Game and Fisheries Committee, is introducing this legislation in order to boost state revenues. Smith is proposing two bills—one which would raise the basic adult resident hunting license from $19 to $29; the other would raise the fee to $34.

Smith is also introducing a third bill to create a $20 conservation stamp that both hunters and non-hunters—such as hikers and bird-watchers—would have to buy in order to use state game lands. Lawmakers considered creating such a stamp instead of approving the last license-fee increase, but sportsmen's organizations opposed the idea. Many of their members view the gamelands as belonging to sportsmen and hunters. They want to maintain complete control.


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The game commission is a fraudulent corrupt joke. They have ecoflakes sitting on the board calling the shots, they have hired ecoflake biologists, and they have they ecoflake eviro-extremists from audubon and other flakes on the governors advisory board which picks commissioner candidates when a seat becomes available, replacing idiots with more of the same to insure the exact same for years to come. A whacked out antideer agenda.

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