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NJ Bear Hunt Protestors Sue Government

Black_bear_adult Hunting black bears in New Jersey is one of the most contentious outdoor issues in the country. The courts have been used repeatedly to both end and protect bear seasons over the past three years in the state. If the hunt happens again this season, it’s sure to garner just as much attention.

On the last day of the 2005 season, 197 anti-hunters gathered at Wawayanda State Park to protest bear hunting. Six were arrested when they crossed a barricade set up by police. Of those six, four are now suing the Department of Environmental Protection. Their grievance is park police infringed on their first amendment right when they crossed the barricade to “commit acts of civil disobedience.”

The police officer in charge of security at Wawayanda said the barrier was constructed to protect hunters bringing bears to a nearby check station.


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Call me crazy, but isn't the whole point of civil disobedience to accept the consequences of breaking the law as a form of protest?

While I am no fan of the anti-hunting community, they do have a right to express their opinions (even if they are as foolish as the NJ anti-bear hunt protestors). However, the right to protest does not include the right to interfere with impunity on lawful activity.


Awesome! You go, protesters! Maybe someday people will get their kicks without using a bullet to end an innocent life.

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