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Teenagers Busted for Illegal Hunting

Seven teenagers in Wisconsin have been charged with 155 warnings and 25 citations for hunting illegally. Saying they were hunting “illegally” is an extreme understatement. The high school kids would spotlight small game and then beat it to death with a golf club, baseball bat or other blunt object.

They even had a name for their nightlife entertainment, calling it “critter beating.” If convicted punishment would include the loss of hunting licenses and confiscation of hunting equipment. The seven will be tried as adults.


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Greg Russell

I guess I kind of even take exception to this brutality being called hunting. Some might say this is simply semantics, but it would be important for non-hunters to understand the difference. If they were spotlighting deer and shooting them, it would be labeled poaching-not hunting.

This is pretty sick stuff. Eerily similar to the beating of the homeless by the teenagers in Florida for thrills. What’s wrong here?

joe wyrill

what a bunch of sick faggots. these kids should have their hunting lisences stripped away from them, for the rest of their lives. yes they might be teenagers but where were the parents? do they think this is ok, to club small game to death? they thought this was for entertainment? how would they like it if they were minding their own business and i came ocer and started clubbing them? what would they think then?

R. Collier

How can this even be associated with the word "hunting"? These kids were not hunting. If they had done that to pets they would likely face jail time. We hunters have to make it clear to non-hunters that we do not condone this type of brutality. Every hunter that I know has a deep love and respect for animals, even the ones we seek to kill.

Thom Richards

Hunting is the act of searching for game to harvest. Again, some will say it is a semantics game, however, I choose to use the word harvest. Killing is reserved for situations that require the termination of life. For example, problem bears, rats, mice, rabid dogs. What these kids have done is beyond explanation or understanding. Living in rural Alaska, I learned at a young age the respect that native elders had for nature and the animals that provided them with all they needed. It is believed that the animal gives itself to the hunter. To disrespect the animal in any way could lead to the end of the hunter's success and mean a loss for the village as a whole. This bears this out. These murderers will be associated with all hunters and cost us all in the long run. Lifetime bans are not only appropriate, but reqired. Monetary values should be placed on all the animals brutalized and fines assessed for these young folks and their parents to pay. Hunters harvest, these were just wanton killers.

Ronald Hobbs

I don't believe this shit,, Boy what punishment! They are gonna take there hunting license's away. They probably didn't have one anyway. Oh boy,, gonna take there spotlight away !WOW! They will just go buy more equipment and do it again. The laws need to be updated! How about some supervised garbage cleanup on our highways? Maybe cleanup some graffiti? Go clean the walls in the jails? This kinda stuff makes me sick, if it was my kid he would only do this shit once!!!

Jerome Vahalik IV

It's a damn shame we don't mandate canings in this country. I think these little bastards ought to feel a little taste of what they dished out.

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