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The Wildest Spot in the U.S.

28164458I’m writing this in a commuter plane, flying from my home in Cody, Wyoming to a Sportsmen’s Show on the west coast. As I look out the window to the north, I can see the vast Absoraka Wilderness below, as well as Yellowstone Park. Seeing this remote backcountry from 25,000 feet is an awesome sight. I can identify some of the more distinct ridges and peaks, and gaze at some of the country I’ve hunted in the past.

There are many wilderness areas in the US, but this one is unique. No other wilderness area in the States is more removed from civilization. A geographical survey done a while back confirmed that a spot just outside the southeast corner of Yellowstone Park is the most remote in the lower 48, requiring a 35 mile horseback ride to get there. I can’t pick out the spot from the airplane, but I have an idea where it lies. And as I look, I’m reminded of my first Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep hunt there many years ago. I killed the ram within mere yards of this remote location, and finally was able to experience first-hand the taste of sheep ribs cooked over a campfire. Jack O’Connor claimed this was the best wild meat in the world. He was right.  --Jim Zumbo


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its a beautiful thing

Ron Douglas

Yes, I believe you are correct about that place. I was there many years ago on a horseback trip into the headwaters of the Yellowstone fishing with a friend of mine now deceased and it was very wild and very vertical and the fishing was excellent. We had rented hosrses from a fellow in Dubois and were in for 8 days never forget it.
Ron Douglas

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