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Weakley Bass Won’t Get World Record

A day after Mac Weakley said he would submit his 25.1-pound largemouth to the IGFA and two days after he pulled it from Dixon Lake, the angler has decided NOT to try for the world record, according to an article in the San Diego’s Union-Tribune.

Weakley told the Union Tribune:

“It seems 50 percent feel it should stand as a record and 50 percent say it shouldn't. That's why Jed (Dickerson), Mike and I have decided not to submit it as a world record to the IGFA. We don't want to go out breaking the record with so many people doubting it.”

This is a bold and impressive move on the part of the three friends. They could be turning down over a million dollars to preserve the integrity of the record. While baseball struggles to figure out what to do with its records now that steroid use is common knowledge, it’s good to know that the most American of pastimes also remains the purest. 


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s beemish

The guy has the record - even if he doesn't file for it . He is a true fisherman


If i snagged the fish that would bother me, so i probably wouldn't file for the record. Its still an amazing and great catch,i'd take one half its size. if it is not submitted that shows some true character in light of controversy.


first off congrats 2 mac n friends on a great catch. im sure from reading these articles the experience meant more too them than anything else.in todays outdoor culture of both fishing n hunting where everyone seems 2 want 2 cash in on sucess n get another poor tv show out of dumb luck or talent its nice too see theres still a few of us who go afield 4 a good time.nice too know also that this fish is still there to pass on her genes n perhaps give someone else a crack at her.hopefully another person of good character.again congrats.

John Fox

The fish wasn't weighed on certified scales. That disqualifies it from being a world record. In my opinion, its being foul-hooked disqualifies it, too. Every bass fisherman attempts to get the fish to BITE the lure.
That being said, I can't commend the guys enough for being honest about the catch and, more importantly, for releasing the fish so promptly. The quick release shows their respect for the fish and the record, it also shows the character of some good men. My hat is off to them for handling such a tempting situation in the proper manner. Good job!!

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