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Lethal Reduction to be used on Elk

Deer traditionally take a lot of blame for destroying vegetation and wilderness habitat. Now for one area of the Rocky Mountain National Park, elk are the culprit. In an effort to save aspens, willows and beavers in the area, the park suggested culling the herd of 700 animals annually.

Rangers would enter the park at night, using silencers to trim the elk population. Night shooting is considered the best option because it won’t disturb people enjoying the park during the day. A fence could be erected, as well, to protect nearly 550 acres of young aspen.

A handful of environmental groups, including the Wilderness Society, say wolves should be reintroduced. Rob Edward of the conservationist group Sinapu, told the Denver Post that wolves would make the elk wary and mobile. This could restore the natural balance of nature, instead of placing the burden on man to maintain the herd.


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why not introduce some grizzlies too! the studies from Yellowstone show that grizzlies get 30% of all elk calves in the first two weeks after they hit the ground. that would slow growth of the herd.

 Donald  Barnes

Why not have a special hunting season for disabled or terminal hunters, or even for youth hunters. Would'nt it be better to gain
some good for the public out of a negative
situation than to squander another rescource
bought and paid for by the public.


This should be opened up to hunters as part of a lottery. Similar to the Maine moose lottery. Good way to make some money for the park and let hunters go after one of the most inspiring beasts out there.

Captain Cocktail

All the suggestions sound good..let me throw bowhunting by lottery in. No "noise" to disturb the people at the park during the day.

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