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Crossbows for Turkeys

Pennsylvania decided in January to allow hunters the option of pursuing turkeys with crossbows this season. That regulation went into effect with the opening of the season on May 1. Many states proposed or introduced the use of crossbows for deer seasons (which raised the ire of some traditional bow hunters), but Pennsylvania is one of a handful of places that opted for crossbows during turkey season as well. Would you use a crossbow or stick with more traditional methods?


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Captain Cocktail

Being a Pennsylvania hunter I feel that was a mistake and goes against most hunters of Pennsylvanias wishes. I don't think crossbows should be used for any purpose except for the rare occasions for disabled hunters. I much rather stick a gobbler with a bow than a crossbow any day.


Captain, Typical bowhunter predjudice against xbows. Xbows not only allows disabled folks to use archery equipment but also kids and women and older hunters who cannot pull back a bow anymore or those that cannot like in the case of some women or kids. I think anyone should be able to use a xbow if so desired and it has been shown it has not hurt hunting opportunities at all where used in states that allow anyone to use one. Instead of bow hunters and other hunters bashing xbows they should be backing them as other sportsmen and women that like to hunt and will add to our ranks against the anti hunters.

craig curtis

tick for tack each to his own ,some people may only be able hunt with a cross bow and to be perfectly honest is it really going to give a hunter an edge on these smart wily birds i dont think so!! lets let everybody get in the game and just count more hunters enjoying our god given right to hunt! are numbers seem to dwindle of late and i for one say come one come all just dont forget your ethics while in the feild .

Joe Urban

I've had to use a crossbow for about 5 seasons now, and am pretty glad that my state of Nebraska allows me to do so. I hunt some extremely dense areas in SE Nebraska, and it ain't so easy. Should I have just quit going hunting? I plan to hunt as long as possible and as long as it's legal for me to do so, thanks. Don't forget that crossbows have been around quite a while. I agree about the part of getting in the game and just hunt!

Tom Rath

You will be the next outcast like Jim Zumbo - sad but true. Let facism ring.


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Bob Constine

I am a disabled unter, I can not draw a bow because of arm issues and I hunt in North Carolina Using a crossbow under a NC Cross Bow Permit. Is there a listing of states which allow crossbow hunting durring normal bow season, without a special permit?

Thank you



Great info, thanks a lot!!! I wish I will have such a writing skills.

Kevin Paulson

I hunted with a compound bow for part of the season so that I could get access to Quantico Marine Base in archery only areas that held turkeys. I was not successful but I had a heck of a good time. I do not have a problem with anyone hunting with a crossbow as long as they practice hard and are prepared for the shot.


Crossbows are ok since they dont give an advantage really over shoguns. They do give an extreme advantage over bows and should NEVER be used in archery only seasons.

james norman

i have been a bowhunter for around 30 years. and all that time i have heard the usual " i love the challenge" lines coming from my fellow bowhunters.yet, the n.c. bowhunters ass. not only lobbies against xbows, they will throw you out of the ass. if you are even seen using one. i guess the challenge of having another guy in the woods hunting there "big one" is just too much.i really don`t care if they allow guns during the bow season, because i actually DO love the challenge. stop crying like a bunch of bowhunting little girls and let somebody hunt already.

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