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Hunt Protesters Found Guilty

Six people who protested last year’s bear hunt in New Jersey were found guilty of obstruction in a municipal court. During the final day of the hunt they jumped a police barricade at Wawayanda State Park. The defendants claimed the fence was built arbitrarily, therefore compromising their rights to freedom of speech. The judge disagreed, and handed them each a $350 fine, plus court costs.

During the trial, the prosecutor asked that each defendant be given the full fine of $1000. However, the judge sympathized with the actions of the protestors, telling them that he understood they had acted out of a sense of moral outrage.


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craig curtis

funny how this judge sympathised with these idiots. when are sportmen and women going to get a little sympathy, having to put up with people constantly wighning and judging our way of life. hope to see some of these tree huggers in the feild someday , i"ll be a perfect and elouquint gentelman until they become what they are smug overzelous freaks then look out gloves are off!!!!!

Paul Gentry

they scream no fair till the bear comes in their yard then they want someone to protect them. after all an animal scared of man is one who doesn't hurt you.

Tom Rath

You will be the next outcast like Jim Zumbo - sad but true. Let facism ring.

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