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Thanks for the Memories

Veteran outdoor writer and my fellow Virginian Bob Gooch passed away March 9. The former Outdoor Life contributor was 86.

A big fan of his work as a boy reading Virginia Wildlife, in which he was also a frequent contributor, I was thrilled when at a conference several years ago I sat down to eat and looking at the name tag of the man sitting next to me, saw that it was none other than Bob himself.

We talked about our shared love of the Old Dominion and for turkey hunting, noting how well turkeys had made a comeback in the state. He told me what it was like to hunt gobblers at a time when they were mostly found up only in Virginia’s mountains and few men hunted them.

We discussed the possibility of doing a story for Turkey Call of which I was editor at the time, in the very subject, but somehow it just never came together. I hate now that it didn’t. I am glad that I got to meet the man at least once. It’s so seldom that we ever get to actually see our childhood heroes in the flesh. Nancy Sorrells and C.C. McCotter, two folks who knew Bob much better than I ever did, have penned pieces honoring his memory. Click on their names and see what they had to say about a life lived to the fullest.