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The Truth About PETA

While cruising around some of the message boards I usually patrol, I found a link to this Penn and Teller video that shows the true PETA we all know and hate. Everyone should see it and share it with anyone they know who thinks PETA is a harmless organization. For a pair of comedians they hit the nail on the head with this one! It's great stuff.

Thanks to RutnNStrutn on the NWTF message board for sharing this one.

To check out the video, click here. BE WARNED: It's not for kids or people who are offended by cursing. It's also not for people with short attention spans as it is a little long. Enjoy and educate.


kenny tedder

My buddy heard 1st turkey of the year, yesterday March 3, here in WV !!

Greg Russell

Sorry to disagree with you, but this video is pathetic. While the video does capture what peta is about, the entire delivery is crude, rude, and unacceptable. The language is unnecessary, the biker look is put offish and serves no purpose, and the whole tone of the video is as seedy as the organization it decries. Do we want to debate whether the means justifies the end? Then we are just like them, and we lose all credibility. Uncle ted may jump on the wagon with a deal like this, but a whole lot of ethical, moral people will not. Me being the first.

John Brown Jr.

For the first time in 6 years I'm not in Florida fighting mosquitoes, snakes, gators, water and those tiny Osceola gobblers. And when I say tiny, I mean tiny. Sure some of those guys up in the north part of the state take birds up to 20 lbs., but I just don't believe those to be the pure strain Osceola.

4 years ago I killed a monster! The biggest Osceola gobbler we took on tape in the 6 years I worked with the NWTF. He sported a 12 inch beard and just under 2 inch spurs. I almost passed out when the scale stopped at 16 lbs. It was still sweet however, because I made Chris Parrish pass on the bird 2 days prior. He's yet to forgive me for it but each time I look at him hanging on the wall I just smile. This turkey never stood a chance, I had Parrish, Jim Pollard and Brian Godfrey all calling for me.

Anyway, of the 8 or 10 gobblers we took on the Seminole over the years, none ever went over 18 lbs. I'm a purist, what can I say, and I like my turkeys pure also. By the way, the turkey that most looked like an Osceola I ever saw bit the dust over 1000 miles to the west. On a JAKES hunt on the King Ranch, Carl Brown and I called up one that had jet black wings, long, sharp spurs and weighed in at 17 lbs. So much for purity.

On the downlow. I hear that opening day at the Seminole was not good for the NWTF. A camera went down and wound up eating a tape. They missed the second day of hunting waiting on another camera. As for killing birds though, the Seminole Osceola's are the most aggressive turkeys we would hunt all season. I've seen them run from several hundred yards away to a strutting gobbler decoy many times.

On Sumter National this morning I saw 3 big gobblers strutting for a bunch of hens. It's on and hopefully they'll go ahead and get some of this breeding done before the season opens.

Doug Howlett

Hey Greg, that's quite all right buddy. We're allowed to disagree here. I can see your point, and if ol' Penn and Teller were hunters and not just mainstream entertainers trying to make a buck by raising the ire of some folks, I'd probably agree. Definitely not the image hunters want to portray, but if they want to wear leather and poke fun at the hypocrisy that infests the animal rights agenda, I won't be one to step in their way. Thanks for lending your voice though and thanks to everyone else as well. Hopefully we can all learn a few things from each other in here.

Doug Howlett

Hey John my old friend. Glad to see you checking us out. I just posted on Rob and the boys with NWTF (our former haunt) and you're right, they did have a camera go down that first day. Looks like they saved it in the end though.

Good luck filming around this summer and be sure to let us know what you're seeing and hearing out there.

Greg Russell

Thanks for responding to my tirade Doug. Good grief, I was starting to sound like a rational uncle ted. I do apologize, I tend to forget temperence when debating ethics and hunting. Sorry.
And by the way, thanks for the great blog. I think it`s especially great to have information from across the country as to bird activity. Thanks again Doug.

Beth L. Reoch

Personally, I liked the video... and this is coming from 20 years as an uncompromising, anti-hunting, anti-testing, pro-animal, propaganda-sportin’ animal rights activist (although I was NOT associated with PETA in any way). Now, I am proud to say that I’m a rational-thinking, open-minded, camo-wearin’ hunter/angler who still greatly appreciates and marvels at the remarkable animal world. (For the record, I most often shoot animals with a camera!) People like Penn and Teller, with their exaggerated personas and entertainment hype, didn’t change my mind; hunters and anglers did – folks like my good friend, Doug Howlett. Through their personal stories and experiences, I was finally able to see through the propagated stereotypes and lies and realize that the vast majority of people who hunt and fish are not in it to torture, massacre or even disrespect animals. In fact, I’ve seen more respect for – and knowledge of – animals through the eyes of the very people PETA calls the “enemy.” And if such is the case, go ahead an add me to their most wanted list!