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Fitting a Mouth Call

Bob_and_paul_line_croppedFor you hunters still frantically trying to figure out how to master the sounds of your mouth call before opening day, here's a video clip with some advice from three-time Grand National calling champ and callmaker Paul Butski. We caught up with Paul at the NWTF Convention earlier this year after he and Bob Walker of Walker's Game Ear finished signing a line of autographs. To hear what Paul has to say, just click on the following link: Download Butski_Tip.mpg



this past monday was the opening of turkey season in michigan. we went out on saturday and could hear some gobbles around us. sunday night was really windy and the birds weren't saying anything. we tried to owl hoot monday night and nothing responded. we tried again on tuesday night but nothing responded. it was as windy monday night as it was sunday night. we owl hooted between about 8:30 and 8:45. it gets completely dark at about 8:55. were we hooting too early for them to respond, and when do they actually fly up?