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Huntin' and Eatin' Around the Show Me State

Coffeepot3Ray Eye is one of last, true old-school "characters" in our hunting world. A mutual friend recently sent me a link that had me laughing so hard I fell out of my chair. On Ray's Web site, he has the usual hunt pics, tips and promos for upcoming shows, etc. But there in the middle of it all, was also a link to restaurants in which Ray likes to eat!

As I climbed back into my seat, I had to wonder what type of scheme ol' Ray (pictured here at the Coffee Pot. Note the spooky photographer shadow in the upper left hand corner of the picture. Kind of has a Blair Witch quality to it.) was working on with these places--discounted meals, free refills, a new location from which to do his radio show. This time of year frequently finds him doing them from a turkey blind! No joking.

Anyway, if you're hunting Missouri this season and looking for a place to stuff your face, try one of these colorfully named joints (click here for list). In fact, tell them Ray sent you!



My man Ray,never met a meal (or waitress) he didn't like!


That's the truth!