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Found on Ebay

DiplomaCruising Ebay always ends up in an eye-opening experience at all the weird things people are trying to sell, and maybe even weirder, the things they are buying. Came across this one during a time-burning search: a diploma that declares you have received your Doctorate of Turkey Hunting.

Like the knowledge conferred upon the Scarecrow by the Wizard of Oz, it doesn't mean you'll become "another Lincoln," or even a "Walter Parrott," but it might make a fun gift for that fervent turkey hunter in your house.



this past week a friend of mine shot two turkeys bow hunting. he claimed that he did it with the same arrow at the same time, and they 8 yards apart. one was at 21 yards, the other 29 yards. is it possible to do this?


Hey Zach,

While statistically such a shot would be improbable, I suppose it's entirely possible if your friend is shooting a flat shooting bow. One of the key problems for many guys bowhunting turkeys and which allows many bow shot turkeys to run off without ever being retrieved is that the arrow frequently passes through the bird without anchoring it to the ground or pinning its wings to its body.

I suppose the arrow could have passed through the first bird, severing an artery in its neck severe enough to cause it to bleed out before it fled, while retaining enough energy to stick in the second.

I'll ask a couple of our archery experts what their thoughts are and report back to you.