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Giving Us The Bird

SchulerSeventeen-year-old Jordan Schuler took his first turkey in Marion County, Iowa, on April 14 after spotting the bird from a gravel road. The gobbler was about 200 yards away in a cornfield. Using a levee to obscure his approach, Schuler moved to where he hoped he could call the bird in. But when he peeked over the mound to see how close he was to the bird, it was only 25 yards away! The teen quickly lifted his gun and took the shot.

Tale of the tape: The longbeard weighed in at 24 pounds and had a 10 1/2-inch "paintbrush thick beard" and 1 1/4-inch spurs. Not bad for a first bird. Heck, not bad for any bird!

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Greg Russell

Jordan-Congratulations on a great bird, but WHAT an experience! You must have had your heart in your throat when you realized how close the turkey was over the levee.

Great composure, and good shootin`.

James Lyon

That beard is an absolute ROPE! Nice bird.