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Maine-Open For Business

For turkey hunter's looking for an awesome hunting experience, Maine is a destination you won't want to pass up, particularly now that the state is open to nonresidents without having to enter a draw. That's right, for the first season ever, hunters can visit the state and simply buy a turkey tag and license right over the counter.

And with hundreds of thousands of public land available, a good deal of it populated with seldom hunted turkeys, it may well be one of the best hunts for Easterns you could hope for. I had my chance to check it out firsthand this season, but a schedule conflict will prevent me from making the trip, but you can bet I'm planning a trip for next year.

In the meantime, for a snap shot of what hunters can look forward to for this late season, which runs until June 3, click here to read what Ken Bailey with Village Soup has to say.


John Brown Jr.

I'll be in Maine with Walter and Jerry Martin later this month. I'll let you know how it goes.


That would be great, John. Heck, send us a small video clip if you can! Good luck.