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Contest Deadline Nears

Turkey seasons are now more than a month behind us and soon, so will The Strut Zone's Give Us The Bird Photo Contest. That's right, July 10 is the final date for entries to be received and on the day after the last picture received is run, five winners will be announced.

Just send us a picture of you with a turkey you tagged this past season (or even during a recent season). It's that easy. Complete rules and instructions can be read by clicking here.

And in case you've been under a rock since May, to recap five winners will win a prize pack including calls from Hunter's Specialties, Knight & Hale, Quaker Boy, Primos, Woodhaven Custom Calls and Woods Wise. One Grand Prize winner will also receive a Carry-Lite Pretty Boy Decoy.

Need a better look at what you can win. Here's a complete list of prizes:

Carrylite_prettyboy_1Carry-Lite Pretty Boy Decoy

This decoy made waves in the turkey hunting world this past spring after being introduced, and many hunters enjoyed phenomenal success using it in the field. It is one of the most life-like production decoys available made even more realistic when you add a real turkey fan to the plastic molded decoy. I saw it in action on a couple of occasions this past spring and have to say I was quite impressed.

Glasswitch_2Hunter’s Specialties Glass Witch Combo

The Glass Witch Turkey Call has a glass surface nestled inside a pot of composite wood. The Glass Witch Combo Kit includes Realtree a camo pouch with belt loop and two sewn-in striker holders, a carbon/wood Magic Wand and cross-cut hickory strikers, as well as call conditioners to rough the surface for that ideal pitch. This is a great package from H.S.

Olyeller_1 Knight and Hale Ol' Yeller

Ol’ Yeller is a Sla-Tek friction call that has been promoted to the Ultimate Hunting Team and given a sharp new cherry wood pot. The handsome engraving on the bottom of the call gives it a custom appearance.

CurveQuaker Boy The Curve

The curved butternut lid on this box call stays horizontal and slides across the mahogany side walls like a guide, automatically producing a consistent yelp every time. Increased length of contact between paddle and box reproduces a higher-quality turkey vocalization. Company founder Dick Kirby may be exclusively producing custom calls these days, but under his son's direction, the legacy of quality lives on.

BoxcutterPrimos Box Cutter

The Box Cutter’s thumbhole groove positions your thumb perfectly so it acts as a spring allowing you to make consistent cutts. The Box Cutter is crafted with a jatoba lid and a solid mahogony box.  Woodcraft lesson of the day: Jatoba is commonly found on the slopes of high river bends in Central America and it is considered one of the most durable of hardwoods.

Strike3strikerWoodHaven Custom Calls: Strike Three Striker

A one-piece wonder made from a super wood formed by combining thin layers of oak and epoxy resin.  Beautifully hand turned and polished.  Tapered from 5/16-inch to 1/4-inch to produce the ideal weight and balance. This striker is very smooth and feels great. When I first discovered Woodhaven's strikers about four years ago, I have to say, few discoveries have made such a positive impact on my calling. These things are sweet.

CopperheadWoodHaven Custom Calls Stinger Pro Series CopperHead

The CopperHead is a three-reed call featuring a unique orange silky textured latex with a "snake tongue cut" top reed over two clear bottom reeds. This is a great mouth call for hard cutting, cackles and raspy yelps.

RedwaspWoodHaven Custom Calls Stinger Pro Series Red Wasp

This is WoodHaven’s #1 selling mouth call! Combining a red latex V-cut latex reed over twoclear thin prophylactic bottom reeds, the Red Wasp is a raspy call. Great for loud cutts and yelps.

WoodswiseWoods Wise Mystic Call Masters Raspy Wet Hen

Made of 100% walnut with Wood Wise's Mystic Plays special wet coating. No-chalk needed. No slips, skips or errors on the permanent gritty black surface. This call plays wet, dry, anytime.

So don't forget, July 10 is the deadline. It's days away so get cracking if you haven't already entered. Send entries and questions to [email protected].


Ron Sobkowz

Here's my third and final bird from Oklahoma this April. I have know idea how my buddy got the sun rays in there, but man that picture is sweet.


P.S. Saw your post on the NWTF.


Hey Ron--Check that last email requesting more info that I sent. For all you Strut Zone visitors, we'll have the pic Ron sent me posted later this week. It is pretty cool.