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Call Auction Follow-Up

Markscalls_1With auctions still on my mind from that last post, here's a follow-up on last week's eBay auction of a matched set of box calls made by Lamar Williams and Steve Mann. The auction also included a signed and numbered copy of Mike Marks's coffee table book Neil Cost - Magic With Wood.

The entire collection received 16 bids with the winning bid coming in at $1,180. That's a lot of smack for a pair of box calls and a book, but then, serious collectors understand the value these things will achieve over time. With some of the late Costs's calls going for more than $11,000, you can bet there are avid collectors still looking for the next custom caller to fill his shoes--and enrich their collections.

As you can imagine, the cost of bids jumped hard in the closing seconds with one bidder, who hadn't been on the scene at all jumping the price up just before closing by more than a couple of hundred dollars. In the end though, he got beat out by a bidder by the handle of csmarte who had originally bid $800 several days before.