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Talk About Bad Luck

While I hate sounding like I'm making fun of an incredible tragedy, the circumstances surrounding a Brooklyn, N.Y., man's death this week in an upstate hunting camp are just plain bizarre. Although the article that the story appeared in called it a "hunting" accident, it was a hunting accident only in as much as 58-year-old Jose Cruz was in a hunting camp when it occurred.

You see he wasn't on a stand or roaming the woods in search of squirrels or some other game. He was sitting in an outhouse taking care of business when a friend of his, who was sighting in a rifle and aiming at a target 121 feet away, somehow shot him through the wall.

I mean come on. Not sure how an outhouse and a target are set up where the one is in the line of fire of the other, but lets be careful out there folks. Always make sure when shooting that you maintain a safe and clear field of fire and know what lies beyond your target. There's just no excuse for a situation like this. Although nobody should have to be concerned about being mistakenly shot while hunting, they darn sure shouldn't have to worry about it while sitting on the toilet. That's the last place I would have figured on needing to wear Blaze orange!