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Get Mobile

938Last year, Carry-Lite Decoys introduced the Pretty Boy gobbler decoy, which pretty much took the turkey woods by storm last year. Primos pro-staffer Tommy Barham and I used one in the opening days of Virginia's turkey season and pretty much crushed some birds using the deke. On the second day of the season, with the fake gobbler set in a field about 15 yards away from where we hid in the woods, we pulled a longbeard into the open ground with some yelps.
The gobbler strolled out about 200 yards away, spotted the Pretty Boy and came sprinting into what would be his last face-off with a challenger. Tommy dumped the bird with a 20 gauge seconds later.
"I couldn't take it anymore," he laughed. His nerves jangled from the close—and quick—encounter. The hunt had been textbook.
To improve upon the success of the Pretty Boy and other gobbler decoys that have hit the market, Tommy is happy to hear that his bosses at Primos have developed the B-Mobile (the B stands for Bob, the name of the taxidermied gobbler Will Primos used on hunts last year and that inspired the company's newest decoy.)
The Primos B-Mobile packs tighter than the Pretty Boy, looks real, sets up quickly and features a fold-up silk fan that reflects sun and responds to breezes like a turkey’s real tail feathers do. If you would prefer to go with a real tailfan from a bird you've taken, the B-Mobile comes with a flexible base where feathers can be easily inserted.
Best of all, the price point for the decoy cruises in below the $100-mark with a suggested retail value of $80. That's sure to catch a bunch of value-conscious hunters's attention.
Regardless of whether you go with the Pretty Boy or the B-Mobile or some of the other fake gobblers out there, pick one that looks real to you. It will make a difference in your hunting. I promise!